ZIIIRO Eclipse

Новая модель Eclipse - теперь лицезреть солнечное затмение можно у себя на запястье!


ZIIIRO Ion & Proton

Две новые женские модели - Ion & Proton, в трех цветовых вариациях.


Бесплатная доставка

Теперь доставка в любую точку России бесплатна при сумме заказа от 8000 рублей.



Новая модель Aurora - эффектные часы, отображение времени в которых основано на прицнипе смешения красок.


You will love the Eva! She is so great to wear! Louis Vuitton Shop

Louis Vuitton Store OMG!!! A watercolor?!?!? Where did you find her?
Louis Vuitton Purses If you like the monogramoflage, go for it. I have the white wc speedy and prefer the wc papillion than the brown wc speedy.

BTW, I was ALL coach until March. <------------Look what happened in a few months! Louis Vuitton Shop


Louis Vuitton bags I like the Damier Cosmetics Pouch. It's the perfect size to store your cosmetics and makeup. The Milla MM is nice but it seems a little too small. Plus I wouldn't want to ruin the lining of the Milla with makeup. The Damier Cosmetics Pouch is made especially for this and I think that anything else would be impractical.


Louis Vuitton Monogram My SA said they are so cute ... she likes the rose colour coin purse.

 I think you should put whatever you like on your bag. I would not be concerned with only putting an LV charm on an LV bag, in order to be respectful to the brand, or whatever - nonsense! Obviously it would not look particularly good to have a huge Gucci or Fendi monogram charm hanging off an LV monogram bag but the above picture of an Azur bag with Prada charm looks great, in my opinion. It still says 'Prada' on it but the colour goes nicely with the bag. If you like the look of a particular charm on your bag, go for it!I do share your concerns about losing an expensive charm, though. I really like the look of my Pomme clés hanging off my Ebene Beaubourg (and also on a blue D&G bag that I have) but I can't bring myself to use it in that way regularly because I'm scared someone will yank it off when I'm not looking! LV SHOP 
Louis Vuitton Handbags Go for what you adore and enjoy it!